Friday, 27 April 2012

Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadows

Hey guys! There is something you may not know about me. I have very very sensitive skin. I have several allergies that make my face swell up like crazy (adhesives for one), and moderate eczema around my eyes. This makes it very difficult for me to wear makeup. I can't use eye makeup remover because the oils in the removers make my eyes swell up. Even putting on eyeshadow can trigger more severe eczema on my eyes, so I generally don't, which makes me sad.

I found Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadows on Etsy ( and was excited to try their eye shadows. [Please note: They are currently on vacation, but will be returning soon!] This is how they described them:

*Handmade *All-Natural *Chemical-Free *Never Expires *Never Tested on Animals *Hypoallergenic *Sustainable * Fragrance-Free *Oil & Talc Free *Non-Comedogenic *Safe for Sensitive Skin

We guarantee our mineral make-up will never contain anything artificial or bad for your skin. Our makeup contains absolutely NO: synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, parabens, fillers, additives, talc or fragrances.

Well obviously I ordered 12 different colours to try. To be fair, they do come in small sizes so it hurts your wallet less to go nuts like I did.

I ordered...


Heliotrope - Opaque purple, looked a little more reddish on my skin than the photo on their site.

Mermaid - A lot more green on my skin than the pic on their site! I still liked it though.

Tiffany Blue - Light blue shimmery, but more green than I would have liked.

Royal Blue - Incredible shimmery bold blue.

Electric Periwinkle - Super opaque bold blue.

Frost - Soft shimmery icy blue.

Indigo Night - Not as black when it goes on skin, so good for smoky eye looks.

Black Orchid - Super opaque black. Great for eyeliner!

Silver Star- Opaque silvery grey.

Skyline - Shimmery sheer silver.

Cotton - Opaque white, almost creamy.

Stardust - My favourite! Incredible sheer shimmery white.

First and foremost,  I love the names. Very cute!

They come in loose powder form, and in tiny shrink wrapped pots. Here they are with their lids on! I should mention that some pots are half-filled because they were smaller sample sizes. The full sizes (1-1.5g) were full TO THE BRIM.

So how do they look? Well, depends on which one you're talking about. Some are shimmery and some are more opaque. The shimmery ones (such as stardust) were just stunning. Here's some pics:

How long do they last? Well, this is hard for me to answer. I regularly rub my eyes due to itchiness, and although I definitely tried to avoid it as much as possible, I may have rub my eyes once or twice. I wore Royal Blue and Frost for 8 hours and Frost seemed to hold up a bit better. Royal Blue faded a lot faster. I recommend using a primer first to hold onto these great colours. One is available at their shop. Since I cannot use makeup remove, I just slept with them on to no ill effect and they were gone in the morning.

How did it react with your skin? The short answer is that they did not. Other than mild irritation (which I get no matter what I put near my eyes), I experienced minimal itching and reaction. I can honestly say that these eye shadows are THE most gentle product I've ever put on my eyes.

What is the price range? Very reasonable. It's about $5 for a 1-1.5g sample, which should last you a few months. I will definitely be ordering more when they get back from vacation!

Overall - 9/10, awesome and gentle on the eyes, some colors fade faster than others but when used with primer this is not an issue, plus great price.

Recommendations - Wear a primer! For Madison Street Beauty - Make some neon colours if possible, and I will be a customer for life! 


  1. Loving the Mermaid and Royal Blue already! Thanks for sharing babes!



  2. good review :) Frost & tiffany blue are my favourites :)

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  5. I am so in love with Mermaid and Tiffany Blue! Gorgeous! I always feel i'm too pale/fair to pull off bright colours though!

    Just discovered your blog through Blog Cat (I think they've posted above, lol), following now!


  6. Loving the shadows, they are gorgeous!
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