Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blogger Meetup

Last weekend I had a chance to meet up with a very talented jewelry maker - Cindy from Icy Crystal Galleria.

We went to bead shopping, and went nuts! Well, I went nuts. Cindy carefully selected her items. I basically just threw everything I could see into my basket. She has been totally great in helping me work on some new designs, including the skull bracelets from my earlier posts. Cindy knows a lot about gemstones, semi-precious stones, and jewelry design, which you can totally tell from her bracelets!

Check this bracelet out that she made which is part of her upcoming Giveaway:

She even made me this gorgeous cell phone charm to commemorate our first meetup. 

Here is a pic of us having sushi and bubble tea :) 
Aren't we gorgeous? Haha.

A little about Cindy and Icy Crystal Galleria:
Icy Crystal Galleria started with CC’s jewelry shopping addiction.  One day, CQ couldn’t deal with her craziness so she suggested to CC that they should start making their own to save $$!  And that’s how ICY CRYSTAL GALLERIA was born.  All of their jewelry are made of Swarovski crystals, natural gems, and sterling silver components.  Although they do not have an Etsy store set up, you can definitely contact them if you love their creations!

With both CC & CQ’s creativity, they come up with all jewelry for everyone.  Whether you work in a conservative office in Toronto or a laid-back California Girl in Los Angeles, there’s always something for you! 

Check her blog here!!

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